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Ipswich deserves strong and stable leadership you know you can trust. 
Under my leadership, Ipswich is once again a city that businesses are proud to invest in and families love to call home. 
To keep our city moving forward, I’m committed to: 

  • Reducing cost of living pressures 

  • Expanding our road and transport network 

  • Delivering more for our suburbs 

  • Boosting investment in grassroots sports and community 

I’m committed to growing our city sustainably.  Ipswich is now the fastest growing council in Queensland and the 6th fastest council area in Australia. 
Our challenge as a community and city is to ensure this is sustainable growth. That is, it’s growth that benefits us all, not a select few. 
I will stand up for you. 

Ipswich is a great city and you will decide its future. On 16th March 2024 you’ll have the choice for sustainable growth for Ipswich and elect a Mayor and Councillors for our proud community. 

Ipswich offers a vibrant and affordable lifestyle for families and is a city filled with opportunities and an exciting future. 

At the next election, you have a choice to make. I ask you to choose sustainable growth for Ipswich. 


Teresa Harding
Mayor Teresa Harding,
Candidate for Mayor















Express your interest to attend the campaign launch for Teresa Harding, Candidate for Mayor.

Register your interest below to receive more information regarding the campaign launch. 

Date: 17th February 2024
Time: 1PM - 3PM


Stay updated with the latest from Teresa Harding and the Ipswich City Council on social media. For more information on how to reach out to the Ipswich City Council, please visit the contact page.


The election will be held on Saturday, 16 March 2024 and polling booths will be open from 8am to 6pm. 


For information on the location of the 45 polling booths go to the Electoral Commission Queensland. 


You will receive two ballot papers. One for the mayoral vote and the other for your divisional councillor vote. 


There will also be by-election for the state seat of Ipswich West, which is a very similar area to council’s Division 4.  For those in Ipswich West, you will have three ballot papers when you vote. 


Early Voting Polling Booths 


Early voting commences 4 March 2024 and anyone eligible to vote may vote early. 

There will be four Early Voting Polling Booths, located at: 


1. Ipswich Central 

Ipswich City Mall (Nicholas Street Precinct), 22 Nicholas Street, Ipswich 


2. Raceview 

Whitehill Church, 291 Whitehill Road, Raceview 


3. Collingwood Park 

St Luke’s Anglican Church, 40 Reerden Street, Collingwood Park 


4. Springfield Central 

Brisbane Lions Auditorium, Brighton Homes Arena, 16 Eden Station Drive, Springfield Central 


The opening hours for all booths are: 


  • 9am to 5pm, Monday 4 March to Friday 8 March 

  • 9am to 5pm, Monday 11 March to Thursday 14 March 

  • 9am to 6pm, Friday 15 March 

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