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Ipswich deserves strong and stable leadership you know you can trust. 
Under my leadership, Ipswich is once again a city that businesses are proud to invest in and families love to call home. 
To keep our city moving forward, I’m committed to: 

  • Reducing cost of living pressures 

  • Expanding our road and transport network 

  • Delivering more for our suburbs 

  • Boosting investment in grassroots sports and community 

I’m committed to growing our city sustainably.  Ipswich is now the fastest growing council in Queensland and the 6th fastest council area in Australia. 
Our challenge as a community and city is to ensure this is sustainable growth. That is, it’s growth that benefits us all, not a select few. 
I will stand up for you. 

Ipswich is a great city and you will decide its future. On 16th March 2024 you’ll have the choice for sustainable growth for Ipswich and elect a Mayor and Councillors for our proud community. 

Ipswich offers a vibrant and affordable lifestyle for families and is a city filled with opportunities and an exciting future. 

At the next election, you have a choice to make. I ask you to choose sustainable growth for Ipswich. 


Teresa Harding
Mayor Teresa Harding,
Candidate for Mayor


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