A Message from Teresa Harding

As a long-term resident of Ipswich, a former member of the Army and a mother of three adult children, I offer real-life professional experience, as well as the determination to serve you effectively, with energy and integrity.


Ipswich is a great city and you will decide its future. On 28th March 2020 you’ll have the choice for a fresh start for Ipswich and elect a new Mayor and Councillors and chart a new course for our proud community.


Ipswich offers a vibrant and affordable lifestyle for families and is a city filled with opportunities. We have been let down by bad administration and corruption but if we make the right choices now, Ipswich has an exciting future.


At the next election, you have a choice to make. I ask you to choose a fresh start for Ipswich.

 Vote 1 Teresa Harding for Mayor 

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Teresa Harding, Candidate for Mayor


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